Sajna by Malaika Faisal (Full Song Released)

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Sajna by Malaika Faisal (Full Song Released)

Finally, Malaika Faisal has made her debut in Pakistani music industry with a punjabi song Sajna which is penned down by Fasi Azmat while Shajar Fakhar composed the music. Imran Hayat has given direction for sajna’s music video.

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Sajna Song Credits

Song – Sajna (Full Song)
Singer – Malaika Faisal
Lyrics – Fasi Azmat
Music – Shajar Fakhar
Mixing & Mastering – Fasi Azmat
Direction – Imran Hayat
Editing – Vishal UG
Producer – Nouman Rauf ( InSync Production & Events )

Watch Sajna on YouTube

Watch Sajna by Malaika Faisal


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